I first met this sweet pair about 2 years ago when Angela contacted me about a breastfeeding photography session. Together, we created many beautiful images that day to commemorate their one year nurse-aversary. I was so excited to hear that her husband, Sam, gifted her a mother-daughter family documentary session for the holidays! Like many of us, Angela takes tons of photos of the rest of the family, but she was feeling something was missing from the equation: HER.

Angela wanted a chance to document this time, right now, with her 3 year old daughter. Let’s face it, time flies. Soon our babies wean, they sleep on their own (in their own rooms!), they don’t need us as much. Although young children are a lot of work (I know, I have 3 kids of my own!), this time is so important, precious and fleeting. So, we met early in the morning and I got some lovely photos of independent Norah making her very own breakfast, sampling the butter, and scrambling her eggs. Angela is a montessori teacher (who has taken time off of work to raise Norah), and you can see how her montessori¬†values have permeated her household.

I loved watching Norah use her tiny spatula and her learning tower step stool to cook her own meal at the stove, then sit in at her small chair and table to enjoy the meal she made with her very own hands. She is intensely creative, as is her mom. I was captivated by their ongoing creative play that seemed to never end. By the way, Anglea has the most incredible English accent when she reads Paddington. I also learned that she can give a voice to their 15 year old Westie, Chauncy. He has lots of things on his mind, you know. I loved that Mom also plays dress-up; I need to do that more! After playtime, the two attempted to make a pie crust, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. Hmmmmmm. Isn’t that life with a toddler!!?? That is real!! I don’t think Juila Child will mind, and neither did I. And, I don’t think Norah even noticed.

So, we ended our session with the two in the bath! There isn’t a better place for nursing, cuddles or laughs! What a sweet, sweet family. I even got to capture Dad in a few shots, although the intention was to capture their beautiful, spirited Norah and that unbreakable mother-daughter bond. I think we did that, and more. <3