It’s her birthday. She can wear what she wants, and , yes, that happens to be a bathing suit. I love making the kids feel special on their birthday. We usually do something small with just the family or a few friends. I always take their picture and try to freeze the moment in time. She will never be 5 again. She will never turn 6 again. She will never have two bottom teeth growing in again. She will never be starting kindergarten again. This is it. The only day this day happens in her entire life.

She helped grow me into the mom I am. I am grateful to her for changing me forever. Life wouldn’t be the same without this girl. She is a special one. She is creative, fun, sassy, spunky, artistic and incredibly smart. She’s unwittingly deep. She loves her brother so much. She loves her family. She even has her first crush in her kindergarten class. She makes me smile. She is full of life. My heart overflows on her special day.