Jaami has been a dancer for most of her life; she started dancing as child and teaching as a teen. In 2002, she founded Kruciaal Element Hip Hop Dance Company where she directs, choreographs, and organizes numerous performances in San Diego. Read more about Krucial Element on their website www.KEdance.com. Jaami has also been teaching for 18 years and holds a Masters in Dance and she is a dance teacher at Southwestern College. She a very impressive history in the dance community that you can read more about on http://www.jaamiwaali.com/. These photos were taken at a rehearsal for a a Dance, Music, Art Showcase that happened last night at House of Blues, San Diego. Kruciaal Element is a group of performers that came together to share their love of dance, music and performance. Their goal is to inspire, entertain and cause positive change. It was fun to get to see them at work.