La Jolla Beach with Friends from Arizona, San Diego Beach Photography

So, what is better than going to the beach? I will tell you! Going to the beach when you live in Arizona! While I am a San Diego Native, I spent a few years in Arizona. I had to try it out, like a lot of us San Diegans do. However, I found myself being called back to the beach, again and again. I am so grateful for my time in Arizona. I made wonderful friends and I gained a new appreciation for America’s Finest City. I just love the beach, and being away from it so long was no fun. I visit often, now that I am back in San Diego. Several times throughout the year, I also get the opportunity to visit friends from Arizona as they come to enjoy our beautiful city and, quite often, escape the heat. This is a visit to the La Jolla Shores with some wonderful friends. I had some fun playing with the processing of these photos to make them look more like film. It brings back memories of those days in high school and college, before digital camera even existed!