I’ve taken so long to write this blog post because it was a truly sacred occasion; I really wanted to allow time and space for The Curriers to honor and absorb all the memories captured in the 24 hours I spent with them.

I spoke to Sarah Sunday about getting together for a last minute maternity session; little did I know that her water would break the next morning and I would be on my way to her house to document her homebirth! At 38 weeks, we thought we would have time to squeeze in some more photos before she went into labor, but Baby had other plans! In fact, this was a sign for all that was to come!

I arrived at Monday morning with such excitement, and there was a lovely energy buzzing in the house. Sarah and Mark have a beautiful family; their children are creative, funny, warm, connected and super-sweet. I loved spending time with them, playing, and documenting the special moments they spent together as they waited for their sibling to arrive. Everyone was ready and waiting! Was it going to be a little sister or a little brother!? There was so much anticipation! Since Sarah’s water had already broken, we were not sure what to expect. With this labor being her fifth baby, it could have been a rather quick labor.

We had time to take a walk on the beach midday. What an incredible place to labor! The kids played with tuna crabs and jumped in the waves as their mom caught a few moments to breath with her contractions and communicate with the baby in her womb. It was so refreshing to soak in the ocean breeze as everyone prepared to welcome the new addition earthside!

When it was evening, the family took a rest; although it was so hard to sleep! I didn’t sleep a wink! The next morning, the midwife came to check on Sarah and the baby. Everything looked great, but the family needed time alone to usher in this special one. Baby didn’t want an audience when she emerged! So, the videographer and I went home to our families, and Baby Penny arrived later that evening, safe at home. We were all sorry that there was no photos of the actual birth, but this is how birth is! It doesn’t always go as planned! Babies have minds of their own! What is meant to be, is. Penny wanted to be born with her family and no one else there. Her birth was truly a sacred occasion, and it was memorialized as such.

I was so honored to witness and capture all of memories that were documented that day!! There were so many moments of beauty, strength, connection, vulnerability, love and intimacy. It was a powerful, moving and transformative experience, just to be there as Sarah labored. I have so much respect for her, and other women who a birth warriors like her. Her husband, Mark, was the ultimate support partner- the perfect balance of strength and compassion. Their children are little bits of magic!! Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, I will let you see for yourself! I hope you enjoy the photo gallery as much as I enjoyed being there to witness their special day!

If you would like more, please visit Perfect Chance Photography’s blog post. Chance Pederson did a lovely Fresh 24 photo session, the day after Penny arrived! http://www.perfectchancephotography.com/and-then-there-were-seven-fresh24-california/