I’ve known this wonderful family for many, many years. Both of the teenagers were babies when I first met Jonell. In fact, although thousands of miles and many years have separated us, I still consider Jonell one of my sisters. Rick and Jonell have an amazing story of young love; they were highschool sweethearts. They are one of the success stories. Having grown up in church, they both have really worked through that religious barrier and developed mature, pure hearts. They are a deeply committed to their faith and they are some of the least religious people I know. It’s humbling to just be in their presence because they really embody the spirit of Jesus, they really embody Love. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to photograph The Thompson Family, especially at Christmas time. Soon, they will be off on a new adventure. This one comes with learning new languages, finding a new way of life, and transplanting themselves in a foreign community to live out a life of love and service to others. This is important work. I am glad they are out there, following their calling to love those who need love and help those who need help. I am truly honored to know these good people. I look forward to hearing their updates and seeing them when they come back to San Diego again.