I am a mother, and you likely are too, if you are reading this. I’m writing this post for you, to honor you, to honor me. We work hard as mothers. We cook, we clean, we do the laundry, we help with homework, we drive our kids to and from many places, we do shopping, meal planning, school appointments, doctor appointments, and we can do all 100 things at once because we are amazing multi-taskers! Just ask any mom who has breastfed a baby while shopping on Amazon and going potty! I’ve been there! It’s more than that though! Being a mother is emotional work. From the moment of conception, we worry and plan for our little babies. We start nurturing their lives in-utero by avoiding anything that could possibly harm the baby and by diligently giving them the best nutrition, even when baby is smaller than pea. We meticulously plan our births and pray that the big day goes perfectly. We welcome our miracles with love, awe and admiration and experience love like we never could have dreamed is possible. We experience the thrill of seeing our children’s joy over the smallest of things, fear when they run out in the parking lot, and we get weary when they are sick and no one sleeps. Our love is so deep for our children that we would sacrifice our very lives for these tiny creatures that call us “Mama” even before they can say it. We sacrifice so much, and it’s because we want to. We want to give our children everything we can so that they can grow into amazing adults and live incredible lives. There is no job on earth that requires so much skill and takes so much energy and we commit to our children, daily, to keep on giving ourselves to them. They deserve this.

All of your work, all of my work, deserves to be honored and remembered. Photography is an amazing gift to us, to preserve our legacy, our hard work! When we see our love in action captured in images that reflect our children, our greatest work, we are honored. When we see their curiosity, their joy, their fearlessness, their zest for life, we see what we have created. We see all of our work pay off. Seeing our love, seeing the relationships we have made with our children is a priceless gift. I love getting to work with mothers and children because I know that they share a deep, irreplaceable bond and it is a sacred intimate connection that I feel honored to witness. I understand it because I am also a mother and I deeply cherish the photos I take of my own children. In fact, I look at their photos on a regular basis, especially when they are at school. I stare into their eyes, I appreciate their dimples, their missing teeth, their unbrushed hair, their mismatched socks, their art projects, their love for nature, their unbridled joy and freedom; their childhood is preserved in photographs. When I look at their photos, I reminisce on our times spent baking, reading stories in front of the fire, going to the zoo or the park… so many things. I am so grateful that I have these photos to remember.

As a mother, I appreciate seeing my beautiful children in quality images that reflect their real personalities because my children are my most important work. I am proud of them, even my teenager! As a photographer, I encourage you to preserve memories of your children because you will never regret it; they grow so fast!! Book a session with me so I can create beautiful, artistic photographs that reflect your work as a mother, your connections with your children, and the natural beauty of their joy- the wonder and adventure of their childhood with you as their mother. I can’t wait to plan our session; one that perfectly reflects you and those little people you love the most!

I’ll leave you with a few funny photos of my younger two. They were being silly with me the other day, and I snapped a few photos of their antics! <3