As a photographer, I think it’s great to take time for personal projects and I think it is always important to practice and stay fresh. One thing I LOVE to do is take photos of my own children. If you follow me on Facebook, I am sure you see many posts of my younger two kids. My older daughter is a teenager, and she doesn’t let me take her photo very often!

So, I was driving by this open field and I was inspired. I knew my kids would love to explore it. It had all the ingredients to make for great exploring: trees, grass, sticks, flowers, dirt, weeds, wooded areas! Oh my! I didn’t have to do much convincing! The next morning, I piled the kids into the car and we drove to the spot – about 5 miles from our house! Nice and close! And, I let the kids go wild – playing, exploring, looking, hiding, finding things, creating things. It was beautiful. We played for about an hour. It was great! Here are some of the memories I captured.