Lately, there has been a lot of controversy about breastfeeding photography after a well know blogger questioned the necessity for styled breastfeeding photo sessions. This blogger (I am not going to name names) said that that these type of photo shoots give an inauthentic depiction of breastfeeding because breastfeeding is difficult and messy. I validate that breastfeeding can be difficult, but it also is very beautiful and deserves to be commemorated with quality photography. I have been through my share of breastfeeding struggles including lip ties, poor latching, low milk supply, oversupply, mastitis, thrush, etc… After breastfeeding 3 kids and volunteering as a breastfeeding educator for 10 years, I can easily say, “I’ve seen it all!” I know women and babies struggle; it’s real.

However, seeing breastfeeding depicted in a positive light is relatively new. In the past, our culture has considered breastfeeding a private act, and women were often ushered to another room to feed their baby. Now, we are seeing it everywhere, and we are seeing it celebrated! This is major progress and it makes me so happy for women and babies everywhere! There’s nothing new about having a portrait taken while breastfeeding, but it is becoming far more common, and I think that is amazing. Breastfeeding is hard work, and there also a lot of fond memories that are created while breastfeeding. We release oxytocin (the love hormone) while nursing, so it makes sense that mama and baby are joyful and relaxed. Breastfeeding reminds us to slow down and engage in an act that nourishes both mother and child; there’s no way around it being beautiful. It just is. Breastfeeding is beautiful whether mom is in a gorgeous field wearing a flowing skirt or if she is wearing pajamas in a bedroom that has toddler toys all over the floor. It doesn’t matter. It’s tender, it’s emotional, and it’s beautiful.

Have you wanted to honor and memorialize your breastfeeding journey with beautiful breastfeeding images? What is holding you back? I would love to chat with you creating a beautiful, custom photo session for you and your nursling(s). This is something you will never regret because your baby will wean, eventually, (I know it’s hard to believe now!) and you will treasure the visual reminder of this special season in your relationship. You’ve worked hard, and you are giving your child an amazing gift. Now, it’s your turn to honor that- to celebrate all of your hard work and dedication. I love the entire spectrum of breastfeeding photography, and we will talk about what best represents you. This could be photos of you nursing at home in your favorite rocking chair or it could be something more refined and ethereal that takes you out of your daily environment. The single most important part of of any breastfeeding photography is to capture your bond, your relationship, your love. This is what I live for. Send me a message via my Contact page and let’s start the dialogue about capturing your love and commitment to your child with beautiful, timeless images that capture your breastfeeding relationship.