Nothing matches the excitement that a new baby brings! There is so much going on during this time, it’s easy to forget to take photos. Days or even weeks can slip by and you realize that your new baby is getting older and you have only snapped a few photos of this precious little creature with your iPhone. This leaves you with no quality photos that capture those first few days when things are rapidly changing! I can help! If you are pregnant, plan ahead and hire a birth photographer or someone to come for a postpartum newborn photo session. If you want to do your own photos, I can offer some suggestions to help you document this monumental time in your life. Either way, you will want to preserve these memories with quality family photography.

I want you to remember every last moment from birth and beyond, and I am available to travel to any hospital, birthing center or home birth. If you are enlisting the help of a family member to take your photos, here are some ideas: Right after birth you will want to take photos of your room and surroundings where you gave birth (whether in the hospital or at home). Get in front of the camera and document that postpartum belly; Isn’t your body AMAZING!? You will want to see how tired you looked too; trust me. There is something so sentimental about postpartum recovery. Of course, you will want to take photos of baby’s precious little details: that lovely vernix or lanugo, those long lashes, those tiny baby nails, the little baby bracelet, that soft baby hair, and those squishy newborn wrinkles. Don’t forget photos of those first breastfeeding sessions! Yay! You’re doing it! There is so much to satisfaction in getting baby to latch and we are proud of these moments! We want to remember them! You will also want photos of baby getting weighed, that first bath, getting footprints made, and newborn hearing test (if you’re having this done). Some moms like to document baby’s first check-up or time with a lactation consultant. Of course, you will want photos of baby sleeping swaddled in those lovely muslin blankets, and that wakeful quiet alert. These are all great memories to store in images!

Taking photos at critical times is important because you will want to document the little things that will prove to be very sentimental later. Whether you have a professional photographer take your images, or you take your own, these are great ideas to keep in mind. Are you expecting? Have I got you thinking? Go to my contact page and email me. I would love to chat about documenting your birth or those first few days after birth.