Session Information

After you have booked your appointment, you will need to set aside some time to plan for your photo session. In order to get the most out of your session and have the best results, I have come up with a list to prepare you for the big day!

Finding the Right Look

Choose your clothing in advance. Pick clothes that are comfortable, fit well and flatter your figure. Solids or small prints photograph the best. When coordinating outfits for the whole family, do not choose matching outfits; pick things that are in the same color family and go well together. Consider your background and make sure your clothes fit the mood of where you will be photographed. Shoes need to be considered as well; make sure they are clean and free of scuffs. Clothing should be wrinkle free. If your outfit wrinkles easily, do not wear it on the drive over to your shoot location. It’s better to bring your outfit on a hanger and change once you arrive. Don’t forget the accessories; the little details will make you shine! If you’re having trouble coming up with outfit ideas, there are many ideas on Pinterest. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for input!

Get Clean

Pay extra attention to your grooming right before your photo session. Trim and polish nails, brush teeth (this is super important for the kids) and make sure your hair is freshly styled. Makeup should be a daytime look. Make sure you clean your kids’ faces paying special attention around the eyes and mouth. Men should be freshly shaven or have their facial hair and hair trimmed. If anyone has dry skin, moisturize. Using lip balm to keep lips supple will help make great smiles. If you have breakouts or blemishes, do not apply too much makeup to cover them; I can easily remove pimples when processing your images in the digital darkroom.

Be Happy

Being well fed, well rested and in a good mood will make a world of difference for everyone. So, plan ahead. Make sure that you get your toddler a nap if they are still of napping age. Make sure everyone gets to bed on time the night before and don’t plan too much on the day of your shoot. Arrive early so that you have plenty of time to get everyone ready, and it’s okay to bring a bribe for your kids to cooperate! I suggest a treat that won’t stain clothing or teeth, like Smarties or fruit snacks.

Breastfeeding Sessions

Decide what amount of skin you would like to show. Consider wearing long flowing or flouncy skirts. If you will be wearing a shirt, make sure that your breast is easily accessible and you will be comfortable while nursing. For topless shots, go braless before the shoot to avoid binding marks on your skin. Wear a loose tank top or cami so that we can quickly cover and uncover you for modest purposes in public places.


Making your baby tired right before your session is critical. Newborns photograph the best if they are sleepy or sleeping. So, try to keep baby awake for an hour or so before your session, and then feed baby so that he/she will be very sleepy. The best outfit for newborns is no outfit. Unless you have another preference, your baby will be photographed in the nude or just a diaper. If you choose to keep your baby in a diaper, use a cloth diaper or diaper cover so that your disposable diaper is not visible. Clean baby’s face, especially around eyes. Keep baby warm by wrapping baby up in blankets until we are ready to start taking photos.