I love taking photos of my family. It’s really great practice. If you have a SLR at home (or even if you don’t), I highly encourage you to take photos regularly. Professional photos are important, but you can’t have a photographer with you everywhere you go. So, it’s great to learn a little and try to take photos of those kids before they are taller than you! If you don’t have kids, I am sure there are amazing things about your life that are worthy of being photographed – friends, family or pets!

I try to bring my camera often when I go out on family adventures. There is a balance to strike – I don’t want spend so much time taking photos that I am not really directly engaging with the family. So, I will try to take photos in spurts and put the camera away for a bit so I can give my kids 100% undivided attention as well.

Where are good places to practice? Anywhere! I take photos in the house, in our back yard, at the park, the beach, eating frozen yogurt! Capturing those everyday moments that really show children in their element, being themselves, are way more powerful than a forced smile in uncomfortable clothes. So, I have my camera ready. I observe. I take the time to see them with curious eyes. And, I capture them being themselves. Nothing is more beautiful.

These are a few photos I captured on our trip to the park the other day.