Hi there! I'm Colleen!

get to know me a little better

I am a wife, mama to 3, and a homeschooler. I am an artist and a creative. I am a feminist, a lover and an advocate. I’m the  I am a ENFJ & a Pisces. I have a compassionate heart and I see the good in others. I’m a soul searcher, always down for deep conversations. I used to think of myself as cerebral, now I am more about the heart. I try to live life to the fullest by enjoying the being in the present. 

Photography is my art, and I love what I do. I picked up my first film SLR when I was a child and I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. However, becoming a mother is what really inspired me to grow as a photographer. I wanted to remember every detail, and life seemed to fly by so quickly. So, I began to capture each stage and really refine my creative gifts. I soon realized that I have an eye for capturing people in a unique way. With the encouragement of others, I have emerged as a professional artist.

My work is greatly influenced by my background in psychology. My education and life experience has enabled me to really see people and connect. Women and mothers hold a special place in my heart. I spent many years volunteering as a breastfeeding group leader and this has helped me understand and relate to pregnant and postpartum moms during a very vulnerable season of life.

I see the beauty in all people, and I especially value diversity. I love creating photographs that tell the story about where you come from and where you are right now. I capture honest moments that document your life, your history. It’s everything you want to remember.

As a professional photographer, I have gained numerous accolades and awards. My breastfeeding photography has been published on the cover of Holistic Parenting Magazine. I have also been a featured artist Sham of the Perfect. My work has been featured in Birth without Fear, Rockstar Birth Magazine, Take Back Postpartum, Snap Maven, Black Women do Breastfeed, Bosom Nectar, Fantastically Flawed, The Unraveled Academy, Camera Mama, and Spectrum Inspired… just to name a few!

The goal of my work is to capture something honest and something meaningful. I look for authentic moments that capture of your true spirit. I hold the belief that everyone is beautiful, and I love capturing what comes naturally.


"I am so overjoyed by the photographs I received from Colleen Adams! They are beyond gorgeous and make me wish I had known about her work sooner, and I could have gotten all of my children portraits with her during the newborn stage. She is so sweet and super accommodating with little ones, including older siblings. Being a mama herself, she is mindful of baby’s comfort and needs. Her eye for interesting backgrounds and poses really makes her an ideal choice for newborn shots – she takes what’s right there and makes it extraordinary! Colleen’s ease with siblings joining in or a baby’s need for a break show just how intuitive she is with newborns and their families. She is just such a delight to work with and made taking pictures of my new baby easy and fun. I just want to get gallery sized prints of her photos of my sweet baby girl and hang them all over the house, they are just so perfect. I would highly recommend her to every parent. You need her photos of your little ones!"

Taileah M.

"Colleen’s style is family documentary and this was my first time experiencing this genre. My family’s past photo sessions had always been posed and with constant directions from the photographers. I was nervous in the beginning because I was not sure how the pictures will turn out without all the posing. Colleen’s work absolutely blew my mind. Her pictures are stunning and she was able to capture my family’s real and authentic moments. She was also able to embrace and show the personality and spirit of each one of us. Photo session with 3 little ones can be hard but she made us feel comfortable and relaxed. I can’t say enough great things about Colleen. I highly recommend her!"

Lenny T.

"Colleen is an Amazing photographer. She loves to capture real life, natural moments not posed fake ones. My experience with her was so easy, relaxed & fun and this is BIG for someone like me! Taking photos is stressful for me and I’m someone who needs lots of direction… and Colleen puts me at ease. I cherish my photos she took and the memories of the photo shoot come back every time I see them. It’s something I enjoy daily- her pictures are canvas prints all over our home."

Lara K.

"Colleen is such a talented artist and wonderful person. We had a photo session to commemorate making it past one year of breastfeeding my youngest (and last) baby. She picked out the most gorgeous location, and came prepared with toys and blankets to keep us both comfortable. Colleen was able to give my toddler and I direction while still creating a candid feel to the images. The photographs are timeless, raw, and dreamy all at once. I will forever treasure this bond with my daughter and have such gratitude that Colleen was able to capture us."

Ashley G.

"Colleen is an amazingly gifted photographer. I am not ordinarily one to enjoy having my picture taken (nor often the results), but I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Colleen and love my pictures! She has a keen eye and both she and her camera must have some magic built in because I feel really great about how I look in her photos. I am so glad Colleen captured this special time for our family. I couldn’t be happier! She photographed my newborn and family beautifully, and it was so comfortable to have her there in that sacred new-baby bubble we were in. I had a friend comment on a picture of my two boys, “Holy cow! It’s so cute, it looks like a stock photo, but those are your kids, right?” My friend was right, it was such an exquisitely perfect picture of my 4 year old and his new baby brother, and the rest were just as lovely. Our last one was at the beach and I can’t say enough about the way she captured my children on film. I will treasure those pictures forever. I view her gorgeous photos and dream of the next time she will capture my little ones growing up!"

Kerri C.

"Colleen is amazing. I wanted family photos and breastfeeding photos. I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve seen so far. She was so excited and her love of her job shines through the photos. I was so nervous, and she worked with me and made me empowered to do the photos and I’m so thankful. I will call her again. Just amazing!"

Desiree T.

"Colleen is wonderful. She is patient, and gentle with children. She was willing to wander around after my kiddos and just capture what naturally happened. It was great that there was no added pressure on my children. She had great suggestions, which turned out beautifully in the images. Her photos are beautiful, and creative. I love her point of view."

Gwen T.

"Colleen is an amazing photographer that not only produces beautiful images that capture the true personality of the individuals in them, but she really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. It felt very natural rather than staged. It was such a joy to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good family photographer. It was so much fun! She as so professional and really listens to you for what you want, but gives great pointers for what would make a good photograph."

Stephanie P.

"Colleen has a natural approach that sets families at ease in front of the camera. On the technical side, I’ve seen her elicit magic and light out of lighting that would have scared off the mediocre photog. I love how you can really *see* my son’s personality in her shots! I personally feel beautiful without seeming staged. I’m so glad to have these memories to cherish for a life time."

Becky L.

Colleen Adams did an amazing job on our photos for this year. She captured the best moments of us! Her style of shooting put our whole family at ease, we were able to relax in front of the camera and allow her to catch photos of us as we truly are. I would absolutely love to hire her again and will recommend her to my friends. I know her business is going to be filled with happy repeat customers.

Rachael B.