Breastfeeding (Nursing) Photo Session

Breastfeeding (Nursing) Photo Sessions – It is with great pride that I offer these beautiful and intimate sessions designed to capture the natural bond between mother and child. I spent over 10 as a breastfeeding educator after having breastfeeding struggles of my own, and this is how I first began breastfeeding photography. I started to take photos of the precious moments I was observing when moms and baby were breastfeeding. From the loving eye gazes to the skin-to-skin contact, I preserve these fleeting memories in extraordinary artistic images to be held and cherished forever. I’ve heard many moms tell me that they wish they had more photos of them nursing their babies. Don’t let this special time pass by undocumented. Breastfeeding Sessions can take place in your home for a more intimate mood, or they can also take place in nature. Your sessions will be tailored to you depending on your preferences; you can be modest and discrete or show as much skin as you like. We will discuss your preferences before your session so that the memories you hold reflect your personality.