Document your Birth; Your birth story by Colleen Adams Photography

I am thrilled to offer Birth Story Photography. With my experience as a mother, lactation educator and birth advocate, it seems like a natural progression for me to enter the world of birth photography. I have now had the pleasure and honor of visiting many moms in the hospital to photograph their newborn babies immediately after birth. I have also visited many laboring moms, as a mother myself. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a mom while laboring in the hospital and it was such an exciting experience for me. The anticipation of new life emerging was electrifying. There was so much excitement in the air. At this moment, I knew, I have found a calling. It feels like a gift – to be able to document A Birth Story, the love story of a new baby’s arrival, the story of a woman’s transformation into a relationship with this new tiny being.

I am super excited to offer the gift of Birth Photography for women, for families — to document history in the making. I can’t imagine how it would feel to know that my very inception was documented, and to be able to take a peek into that very day of my arrival. Give that gift to your children. They are are most important creation, our best work. This is for mom, this is for child. Go to my contact page and email me for your personalized quote. I would love to a part of you documenting your history, preserving your legacy for future generations.