Meet the Persinger family. They are a beautiful young family of four that has chosen an alternative lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, selling many of their belongings in exchange for a simpler life. Stephanie, a self proclaimed “urban hippie,” is also a La Leche League Leader, breastfeeding support group Leader at Birth Roots, student, wife, mom and yogi. She has a full plate. Stephanie has a heart for those struggling with mental illness, and is very open and honest about her personal struggles with anxiety in an attempt for others to release their shame about their own struggles. She is a sensitive and compassionate soul, with a heart for serving and loving others. She is a really amazing person and hard work and dedication is reflected in her loving family. Her husband, Shamus, second class petty officer in the navy, and a very big football fan, some may call him a “football fanatic!” He is definitely a traditional “man’s man” and Stephanie and Shamus have a marriage with traditional roles. They work side-by-side to create the perfect little family. Their son, Owen is a tender hearted 4 year old, small in size, but there is nothing small about his personality! He loves collecting sticks and wielding them like swords (which may be from watching Harry Potter, we will have to ask mom since it’s her favorite movie)! Evie is a sweet-as-they-come almost 2 year old, feisty, loving and curious; she is mommy’s little helper.

Moving out into a RV was an easy decision for Stephanie, but it took awhile to get used to idea of the lifestyle for Shamus. After the purchase of a traditional single family home fell through, they needed to come up with another plan. Stephanie immediately thought of RV living, but Shamus was skeptical. However, after going to check out some RVs at a dealership, he fell in love with one! They decided it would be the best route for their family. They have never been a cookie-cutter family, and wanted to do something adventurous!

I got to visit them yesterday and experience a day in their life.